Internet Shopping

I spent all of last night trawling the three sites the lady suggested.
CMV negative donors are RARE. The one test I almost wish had come back positive, how much easier that would have been!
I have narrowed it down. One site is WAY out of my price range. Looking at over £1k per sample…!
The other two are both danish. I have about 20 to choose from between the two sites, however I have pared it down to about 3.
I am on the basic profiles though, so before I make my final choice I think I’ll take a leap and pay the £80 to see their baby photos and long profiles. What’s £80 in the grand scheme of things?

Choosing Between Baby Photos

I sent a few emails to the sperm site and found out that my clinic allows free access to full donor profiles. Bonus, I saved £80!

I was instantly put off my original front runner by the baby photo (yes I’m shallow and fussy, but if I am spending this much on having a baby I might as well be!)
Another one had a cute photo but from his bio seemed arrogant and career driven. Who knows what is genetic, but I didn’t think I’d like him if we met so why have my child related to him?
And then I found Mr Perfect. Same eye colour, hair colour, age, height, similar face shape, and a gorgeous baby photo. AND HE IS OUT OF STOCK. I am so convinced he’s the one though, so I will email them and see if they are expecting any more stock from him soon, and then I shall decide whether he is worth the wait. (He probably is!)

Backup Donor

Whilst waiting for a reply to my email about Mr Perfect‘s donation status I had another browse on the other site, and found another potential donor. He’s not quite as much a match as Mr Perfect, he has wavy hair and isn’t quite as cute, but if Mr Perfect isn’t going to happen then this one is a perfectly acceptable alternative, however he is more expensive.
So now to just wait to hear back and have everything crossed, but atleast I have a backup so my stress levels can return to normal, and I won’t have to settle for Mr Arrogant’s offspring.

Is It A Scam?

I got an email from the sperm bank today.
They just haven’t listed it on the site yet.
4 straws of IUI quality samples. Exactly what I need.
This is too good to be true!
Pinch me!
My only problem is that I can’t pay securely via their website because it isn’t on there.
My options are bank transfer (SCAM WARNING! What do they always say? Don’t pay by bank transfer, you are as good as handing them cash with no comeback!) or phone them up.
I don’t have a credit card so this is all on my debit card (that’s ok theres a pittance in there so if this is a scam they can only take what I’m paying for this)
All correspondance so far has been via email so I shall ring them as a last check they are real.
I don’t think I’ll relax then until the clinic say they have recieved them until they have checked the samples and I know they haven’t sent me very expensive water!

Update: All paid! A £2.50, 5 minute phonecall to Denmark and I parted with my card details and £2600!
Keep everything crossed!

Looking Promising

So my order has shown up as paid on my online account, so it’s all looking promising (well, either that or the online and the telephone scammers have a well oiled operation going on, still ruling nothing out!)

I called my clinic today to tell them to expect it in the next few days and to book my appointment with the nurse to get my medication, I’m now awaiting a call back!


My sperm has shipped!
I can track it with DHL. How bizarre.
I wonder if they know what they’re transporting?
Do you reckon they go home like ‘I delivered a load of spunk at work today darling’

I called the clinic again because noone had called me back and booked my medication appointment on 31st October. It’s cutting it fine for work, but otherwise we were into November so I might have to miss the next cycle and I really just want to get started now!


My shipment arrived at my clinic at 13.24 today according to DHL!
That was quick from Denmark!


I got my drugs!
Meeting the nurse was basically a formality, signing forms and a lesson in injecting myself. After my fragmin injections during my last pregnancy though this needle is tiny so I’m hoping will hurt less too!

The nurse decided that as I am on such a low dose I can probably get away with the smallest pen meaning it will be cheaper to buy all the drugs individually rather than do the package deal.

Now to wait for Aunt Flo.
She’s due on 3rd, I call the clinic on day one so they are ready and injections start 4 days after!

Aunt Flo

Aunt Flo arrived yesterday evening, now from my frantic googling that means they count it as starting today I believe?
I rang the clinic but the receptionist was unsure, nurses are all in theatre today so they’ll call me tomorrow.

A Plan

I missed a call from the clinic today and as I have no answerphone on my phone (I hate that people leave me a message and assume I definitely got it – I got stung with a cancelled dentist appointment once, they left a message to tell me it was cancelled but my phone didn’t tell me so I turned up anyway! So I just don’t have one!) they emailed me with my instructions.
As I started in the evening I count 6th as day one so injections start on 9th and the first progress scan is on 14th!

  • An 'Angel Baby' is a baby lost during pregnancy or early childhood, who sleeps in the clouds instead of our arms.

    A 'Rainbow Baby' is a baby born following the loss of an 'Angel Baby', a beacon of hope after a storm, while not denying the storm happened.

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