I haven’t blogged for a little while now so I thought I would update as quite a lot has happened.

Within a couple of days my little one had been nicknamed Shrimp so that will be how they will be referred to until I know if I am having a little boy or girl.

For those first few weeks I spent every day expecting to start my period, that I had read the test wrong, thinking maybe I should take another one and it would have all been a dream and it would all fall apart but as time went along I didn’t start, and at around six weeks I started throwing up continuously! There was no doubt then!

I feel rough, all the time, but I know that it means baby is ok. When I miscarried last time I started feeling better so everytime I throw up I count it as little Shrimp saying hello Mummy! I did panic over Christmas as I was AWFUL the 23rd, threw up six times and couldn’t eat anything, I went to my parents for Christmas early, towing the cat and all the presents and stayed in bed all evening, finally keeping down some stewed apple – the days before that had been better but I had spent most of them on the sofa as moving around seems to make me throw up. However over Christmas I was ok, throwing up a couple of times in the morning but then not even feeling slightly ill all day – I really panicked when I felt fine all day Boxing Day and was half expecting baby to have not made it, but Shrimp made themselves known the next day, and infact every day since! I get next to no warning this time so I am carrying a bowl around like a handbag at the moment. How glamourous!!
Anyway enough about Morning Sickness!

As I said in my last blog I had been to the doctors to get them to book an early scan and an appointment about anticoagulant injections, but after Christmas I hadn’t heard anything so was going to ring them on 30th – the first working day I was free after Christmas. On 27th I had a rather urgent phone call asking why I had not turned up to my early scan that morning…. Great. Turns out my doctors didn’t give me the message – the first in a long line of things they haven’t done for me recently but I will get back to that. So I was apologetic and rebooked it for 30th December.

So I turned up at the hospital for my early scan and after waiting for an hour (how do hospitals ALWAYS run SO FAR behind?!) I was initially asked why I had been told to have the scan and I explained I’d had a previous miscarriage, he then asked about the APS and why I had been tested for it with just one miscarriage! It took a while but eventually he realised it was at 21 weeks and that it was procedure to do it with a late miscarriage – SURELY he should have had a flick through my notes before he saw me?!! He then told it was going to have to be an internal scan as it was so early (8weeks) that was fine and I waited with bated breath to hear whether baby was ok, the doctor had the screen turned away from me so I didn’t have a clue what he could see and he wasn’t giving anything away, eventually he turned the screen to me and pointed the cursor at a tiny tiny blob on the screen and told me that his cursor was pointing to the heartbeat – yeah I couldn’t see anything so he zoomed in and on the tiny blob that looked nothing like a baby sure enough there was the flickering of a heart that I recognised from my previous pregnancy. I internally sighed with relief, hurdle one was over, baby had a heartbeat! He dated me at 7w5d making me due on 13 August. Unfortunately he didn’t give me a print out of the scan to keep but hopefully in this pregnancy the scan photos won’t be all I get to keep!

The next day I had my midwife appointment which wasn’t anything exciting, just filling in forms but she did chase up the appointment with the consultant that I assumed the doctors had booked (because they told me they were going to) but I hadn’t heard anything from them, turns out nothing had been booked, so the midwife booked us in for 7th January. She was lovely and really understanding and told me to go back every week if I needed to, just to feel reassured, which was lovely.

So on 7th I headed along to the consultant who was running very late, but we eventually got in to see her and she told me that there are two types of Anticardiolipin and the measure of mine that is high is not the risky one so they won’t be putting me on injections but to keep on with the Asprin. She also told me to go back after the 20week scan to see a consultant and that after that I will be having monthly scans to keep an eye on things and that it might be necessary to deliver early. She also prescribed me some anti-nausea tablets which hopefully work!!

And that brings me up to date! I shall try and update more often, but there’s normally not much to say apart from I threw up!! I will also take a tummy picture as I have a tiny TINY bump. I’ll try and show it’s growth!

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