Today I went for my anomaly scan. I was half dreading it, half incredibly excited. I was counting down the time until I got to see little Shrimp on the screen again, but at the same time I was terrified about what they may find.

The scan wasn’t until the afternoon, which was probably good as I take ages to wake up properly in the morning nowadays, but when I realised I only had an hour to get ready I realised how quickly it had crept up on me. I booked it 2 months ago, and it had seemed forever away then, even a week to go seemed ages, but suddenly it was here and I was so not ready!
We were the first appointments after lunch, I chose them because I figured they couldn’t start to run behind so soon, SURELY! On the whole I was right, however they didn’t open reception until it was time for my appointment and the two people before me both took FOREVER, but after I had booked in we didn’t have long to wait until I was called in for my scan. She checked at the beginning if we would like a photo and whether or not we wanted to find out gender. We answered yes to both.
She started at the head, showing us the nose and eyes and lip and then she made her way down the body, looking at the skull circumference and measuring bits within the brain, checking the heart was ok, both kidneys were there, stomach, which she noted was full, and baby had clearly just had a drink, measuring the abdominal circumference, checking both legs were there and measuring the femur length. She then checked the spine and I think she could tell we were waiting with bated breath as she quickly reassured us everything was ok.
She then went inbetween the legs and quickly and very definitively told us it was a boy, pointing out the penis and scrotum! With both of us grinning like loons she checked a few other bits, took some lovely snap shots and sent us back to wait in the waiting room.
As soon as we got into the waiting room we were both instantly on our phones texting friends and family to let them know everything was ok and that we were having a little boy. We had decided on our boy name back at the beginning of our last pregnancy, so there was no doubt that he was going to be called Jackson Theo.

After a while I was called into the antenatal clinic by the maternal medicine consultant who told me I’d be seen separately by an endocrinology consultant but that she knew I was on Asprin to thin my blood, but she would like to start me on injections… I quickly pointed out I was already on the injections and had been for 2 months, she looked a bit abashed and said it wasn’t in my notes, but when I told her the date I had started on them she checked my notes again and realised it was there! I swear they don’t read anything before seeing me!
She then sent me back out to the waiting room to wait to see the endocrinology consultant. I didn’t have to wait too long and I was called back in. He told me my thyroid function results had come back normal and he was tempted to take me off Carbimazole completely. I must have looked really worried as he told me he would play it safe and leave me on them for two weeks, but he wanted to see me back in two weeks after another blood test. I’m also booked in to see maternal medicine in two weeks, not that I’m sure why! After that appointment I will be allowed to book my 24week scan, why I couldn’t book it today I am not sure as it’s not going to change!

On the way home I decided that I wanted to buy a cute blue baby grow to help with my Facebook announcement that I am having a boy, but after browsing both Asda and Tesco I have deduced that baby boy clothes suck! I ended up just using one of the pairs of booties I already had and had used for my pregnancy announcement. I’m not complaining though, it made a cute photo of the two scan photos we got today and the booties.
I shall really have to shop around for some cute boy clothes though. BUT NOT YET.
It’s really hard now I know what I’m having, what he’s called and what colour I should start buying, not to get excited. I know I can’t, atleast not for a little while. I want to hold off buying stuff for as long as possible, but knitting I can do! If I put off knitting I will never get the time to do it, so I suppose I shall have to head out and buy myself some blue wool! I am yet to decide what pattern to do. I think I may do some booties to start with, then maybe a hat, then we shall see where the blue takes me!

Everyone is excited, I can see that it has all become more real for my mum and she is literally bouncing off the walls! We know there is still a long way to go, but we are halfway there, so that has to be a little celebration!

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