Knitting, 24 Week Growth Scan and Turning 24 Weeks

I had been slacking a little bit on my knitting – I knew the pattern I wanted to do and had even bought the wool, I just hadn’t got round to starting it, however, once I’d started it came together very quickly and in about three evenings I had managed to knit my first ever piece of clothing – a very cute newborn cardigan. I am so proud of it – it took just over 2 50g balls of wool, which price wise puts it at about £6 which isn’t too bad.

‘Newborn Set’ from the DK book ‘Baby and Toddler Knits Made Easy’

I’m not sure what to knit next. I have a few patterns in mind that I want to knit, but I either need to buy different wool for them or get other bits and pieces in. I shall keep scouring the internet for patterns that make me squeal with cuteness!

Yesterday I went for my 24 week scan – because the particular clinic I attend is on a Thursday and my weeks change on a Friday I was only 23 weeks 6 days meaning that  they couldn’t plot sizes on the graph which annoyingly starts at 24 weeks!
The scan itself was very quick, she quickly found him, took some photos then proceeded to measure his head circumference, abdomen circumference and femur length, she told me my placenta is high anterior and that the fluid levels are normal. I asked how he was laying and she told me that his head was in my pelvis, but not to worry he had plenty of room to move around.

After the scan I was sent to wait to see the consultant and this took a good hour! Basically she just told us what the sonographer had already said, that baby was measuring well, and she also told us that she was going to put a note on my file that baby needs to be checked for an overactive thyroid as soon as he is born, as unfortunately it’s possible it will have been passed on and there is nothing I can do to prevent it. Worryingly the note says “NICU” hopefully that’s just routine and not as scary as it sounds!
After this she asked if we had any questions, which we didn’t, and then that she would sort out so I could book my next scan (which I assumed would be in 4 weeks). When I turned up at reception she booked me in for two weeks, which we only realised when I noticed my name was already in the book at a different time (for my clinic only endocrinology appointment). I told her that the scan should be in another two weeks after that and she told me the form she had been given said scan in 2 weeks! She went to check and the consultant confirmed that she wanted another scan in 2 weeks. She hadn’t mentioned this to us so I’m assuming there isn’t a particular reason for halving the gap between these scans – I’m not complaining, they can check on him as much as they like, but I’m just hoping they didn’t find something they’re not telling me about. So that should be interesting on May 1st to see what happens!

Today I turned 24 weeks and Jackson is now viable. Phew! It’s a milestone that in reality probably means nothing as I didn’t deliver Effy-Mae alive, she passed inside me, so if a similar situation arose it wouldn’t matter that Jackson can now survive outside, but in my head it’s a time I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully I get to carry my little man up to 40 weeks, and every week he stays alive we are another week closer to that, but atleast if he were to pass now he would be recognised as having lived. He would be classed as stillborn rather than a miscarriage, and that small distinction instantly (wrongly) changes how people see your loss. A miscarriage is often heard by doctors and people on the street and it’s just a late period, doctors all assume when they haven’t read my notes that it was an early miscarriage and that nothing changed, when infact my whole world did, but stillbirth means something different. People start seeing stillbirth as a baby who died rather than a foetus, an idea of a baby, even though in reality there could be as little as a day difference between a miscarriage at 23 weeks 6 days and a stillbirth at 24 weeks.
ANYWAY, enough of this cheerful subject – Jackson is kicking away inside me reminding me he is still here and fighting so I should stop dwelling on what ifs and concentrate on the little man growing inside me.

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  1. I just came across your blog and read it from start to finish. Your story is very moving and I am wishing you all the best for your pregnancy. I’ll definitely be following yours and Jackson’s story.


    • Thank you very much for your kind words. Thankfully everything seems to be going OK with this pregnancy, though I shall be keeping everything crossed and not relaxing until he is safely in my arms!



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