Reduced Movement – To Panic or Not?

Last night Jackson was kicking like mad while I painted my nails (jogging me constantly!) almost as soon as I’d finished, however, he pretty much stopped. I concentrated until bedtime, not feeling much, but consoled myself that he had been kicking lots earlier and had probably just worn himself out and I eventually managed to get to sleep.
I woke up this morning and my first thought before I even opened my eyes was whether Jackson was kicking. I refused to open them until I felt him, and lo and behold there was a a tiny kick. I continued concentrating all morning and only felt a few more tiny kicks. Panicking slightly by this point I got out my home doppler and used it to reassure myself. As soon as I put it to my tummy, even before I heard his heartbeat I felt a huge kick, followed by a few more. I then heard his heartbeat, but know that that’s not an indication that everything is fine, merely he is still alive. After I turned the doppler off he kicked for another few minutes, then nothing again. By this point I was really starting to worry.
I managed to calm down enough to eat lunch, but then continued to sit concentrating. Nothing. I really started to panic at this point, imagining a trip to the hospital, hearing those awful words that he has no heartbeat, wondering what they would do then.
Following this I remembered that he likes Dom Littlewoods voice from Don’t Get Done Get Dom and Cowboy Builders, and kicks like mad everytime I watch the programs, so I stuck on iPlayer and loaded a program. I then stuck my headphones to my bump and there he was kicking away. I breathed a massive sigh of relief and changed it to an audiobook. He clearly didn’t enjoy that as he almost instantly stopped kicking…
I’m still (massively) panicking that he’s not moving as much as normal as obviously it could be a sign of things starting to go wrong, but I will spend my afternoon relaxing and concentrating to make sure he starts moving more, and if not I will call my midwife. I couldn’t bare for this pregnancy to end now.

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  1. It could as well be, that he has now got a little less space to move around and that is the reason why you feel him less at the moment. I remember having that during my pregnancy as well, but right now I am not quite sure anymore at how many weeks this was the case. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


    • Thankfully he had an active couple of hours this morning so my mind is a little more at ease, will be keeping a close eye on him though! I’m sure he was just having a lazy weekend!



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