Midwife Appointment

Yesterday was my 28 week midwife appointment and I wasn’t holding out much hope that I’d actually get to see MY midwife who I have only met once, at my 8 week appointment, but to my surprise it was actually her (completely didn’t recognise her after 20 weeks!) I gave her a quick summary of what has been happening – overactive thyroid, being put on anticoagulant injections and my recent trip to the delivery suite and she seemed really nice and understanding and made time for everything I needed, quite unlike all the other midwives I have been seeing in her place who just seem to want me in and out.

She got me to lie on the couch, and measuring my bump I measured at 29cm which is perfect as I was 28weeks 6days, and feeling for him she said his head was down with his bum out to one side. I commented that he had been upside down since 24 weeks and she said that she would prefer he stayed in that at position now and not suddenly turn the wrong way! She listened to his heartbeat, finding it instantly and said it sounded strong and even. Which is good, it was incredibly reassuring that at yet another appointment everything seemed perfect.

I told her that my pelvis/lower back had been hurting recently and she told me about trying a pelvic rock exercise where you lie down and slowly tilt your bum down and your pubic bone up. She said that this can sometimes relieve any pressure on nerves etc. but that if the pain persisted, that the hospital had pregnancy physios who would be able to say whether it was anything more than the normal relaxing of ligaments.

She took the routine 28 week bloods and also kindly did the bloods my consultant has requested for my appointment next week – one less needle!

She then asked if anyone had discussed antenatal classes etc with me, and when we said no she went on to discuss delivery which she told me due to my clotting issues I will be on the delivery suite and not the midwife led birthing unit, just so there is a doctor on hand if necessary, and she also answered questions that I had about being induced, that if I am to be induced it will still be a natural labour unless of course he decides to go breach or has some other complications.
She talked us through booking antenatal classes that she recommended taking at around 32 weeks and she also told us about a whooping cough vaccine which is ideally administered between 28-32 weeks. I think I need to do a bit more research before I make any decisions on that one, she didn’t seem overly confident on it, and her response to “is it safe?” was that they had obviously tested it and considered it so.

I came away from the appointment feeling really positive, I am even starting to SLOWLY let myself believe that I am pregnant, and that in less than 3 months I could actually be bringing my baby home! (How scary is that?) People are starting to ask me now if I have got everything and whether I’m ready. I think by this stage most women have nested, bought the essentials and will spend the last 10 weeks relaxing and putting finishing touches to things, but I haven’t even looked at anything through fear that I won’t need it. That I will spend weeks looking through catalogues and websites for it to end up having been hours of pointless research. I am going to start looking from 30 weeks (NEXT WEEK!) but will hold off actually shopping until 36 weeks, hopefully by then it will be a case of knowing exactly what I want and going and getting it. This is purely a self preservation thing, but I’d rather not set up a nursery to have to take it all apart and return the room to a guest room

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