Today I had another midwife appointment – my regular midwife wasn’t there yet again. I got the impression that, as nice as she was, this midwife wanted me in and out as quickly as possible. This wasn’t an issue today as I didn’t have many questions, so after she had taken my blood pressure and checked my urine sample she measured my bump and listened to his heartbeat. His heartbeat was lovely and clear and he didn’t even wiggle a lot to make it difficult for her! But my bump measured the same as it did two weeks ago at my last appointment. It was measuring big at 32cm at 31 weeks and now it is measuring 32cm at 33 weeks, she said that she would normally refer me for a growth scan, however I already have one booked for Thursday so hopefully we will see what is going on. I am hopeful that it is just because it isn’t a particularly accurate art, measuring from where they feel the top of the uterus. Fingers crossed everything is ok at the scan on Thursday.
Yesterday I had a repeat blood test as requested by my midwife at our last appointment to check my iron levels as they were borderline last time. They came back borderline again so I am now on 210mg iron tablets three times a day. Apparently a side effect can be constipation, so I’m not looking forward to that!
I also received a phone call this morning from a heath visitor regarding an at home antenatal visit. Unfortunately when I told her I was in the process of moving addresses over to my new house from my parents and gave her my new address she realised that I wasn’t in her area so she is going to pass my details on to the right team. I’m sure I will find out more as to what that is about when I get a call from the new team.

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