Will I Ever Wear A Bikini Again?

I used to have a nice body, before my pregnancies I was body confident and I have lots of pictures of myself in tight fitting clothes, with my tummy out, not wearing much.

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During my pregnancy with Effy-Mae I didn’t grow too big, I got to 21 weeks but honestly just looked bloated, though to me I felt enormous and proudly took pictures of my tummy.


After I lost her I quickly returned to my pre-pregnancy body, maybe a little bit larger but that was all over and I could have lost that weight if I was so inclined. (I have never been into fitness – infact I am one of the biggest couch potatoes ever – but am blessed with a metabolism that means I don’t gain weight easily)

I was happy as this slightly heavier me, still body confident and still in my tight fitting clothes (though no semi naked photos)

I took lots of pictures throughout my second pregnancy, not wanting to miss a thing. (See all the photos here)

I have carried this on since giving birth and have become very aware that I will never look the same again! I know that I am only 6 weeks on from delivering my gorgeous, healthy 7lb 9oz boy at 38 weeks 3 days and that I have a long way to go, but from 30 weeks stretchmarks appeared on my tummy in droves and I know they will fade and become silvery, but they are here to stay.


I also don’t think that the spare tyre of excess flappy skin around my midriff will disappear completely. I am hopeful it will improve from how it is now, but I don’t think I will get back my tight flat tummy!

22/08/14 25 days after birth

22/08/14 25 days after birth

This all said, I knew it was a possibility when I got pregnant and it was a decision I made. I wouldn’t swap my son for my flat tummy (no, not even when he’s screaming) I can go swimming in a full cozzie and still have more fun now because I’m with him (unless he screams as much as when I bath him!) He was worth every stretchmark and every inch of the 4 I can now pinch!


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