9 Months of Hell for 9 Months of Heaven (and a Lifetime to Go)

Jackson is now 9 months old!


He has been outside as long as he was growing inside me! (I actually had him at 38 weeks 3 days)

When on earth did that happen?!? I’ve been blissfully carrying on and it’s not until milestones like this are reached that I realise just how far we have come!

I had a worrying, stressful, eventful pregnancy, but throughout it all I had an end goal, to hold a breathing squirming, kicking baby in my arms. I hadn’t really thought of much beyond that!

People told me before he was born that it would all go quickly so to cherish every second, but I think like most people I didn’t know quite how fast time would go. It seems 5 minutes since I had him, yet it also seems like he’s been here forever!

But now I look back at photos of him as a newborn and I can no longer remember him being so tiny, I can’t remember him not rolling over and crawling. He’s changing so fast and my brain can’t keep up, it can’t archive everything it’s seen fast enough so it’s all being overwritten, or at least that’s how it feels. I just hope those memories are still in there somewhere and I can find them again when I have long enough to sit down and think! I hope I can remember this amazing 9 months. I have watched my son grow and develop and I have even changed myself in unexpected ways.

We are still at the beginning of this adventure, but we have come so far already, and I can’t wait to discover the rest of it holding his hand.

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