Egg Collection

So today I went in for Egg Collection. Due to the sedation I wasn’t allowed to drive as I have to all my other appointments, and with mum not being confident driving that distance, dad was forced into being my driver for the day!
I wasn’t allowed to eat from the night before, and only water to drink in the morning til a few hours before.
We arrived half an hour early and as instructed took my diazepam and paracetamol with a sip of water. Then we waited.
I was eventually taken down and changed into a blue robe. It was SEETHROUGH! My poor dad!
He wasn’t allowed to accompany me in for the actual procedure, so I was taken down the corridor and into the same room I had been in for my IUIs.
I was given some kind of sedation in my cannula and my eyes started flicking uncontrollably, but that was the only effect I noticed and that soon settled.The procedure itself took quite a while because there were SO MANY follicles to go into, but she managed to get both sides and just kept going because I wasn’t complaining! Honestly, it hurt, but nothing unbearable, like a sharp scratch each time she went into another follicle.
Once she was happy she had cleared me out we waited to find out how many we had got. 37. Everyones mouths dropped open and I’m now one of the producers of the highest number of eggs at that clinic!
With such a high number there’s no choice in it, it is a freeze all cycle. She seemed to suggest that I don’t need to wait so long before Frozen Embryo Transfer though so maybe November/December instead of the January one I expected.

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