After my failed cycle I used my Ovitrelle injection to trigger ovulation to get rid of the few eggs that had grown, but since then my stomach hurts low down either side. I thought it might be wind or something for a few days but it still hurts and I triggered last Wednesday…. might be unrelated but doesn’t feel like it is, will keep an eye on it and if it gets worse I’ll contact the clinic. They didn’t mention I was at any risk of OHSS though, my ovaries hardly got stimulated at all!


And just like that this IVF cycle is over. With only a 21mm an 18mm and a 15mm and a lot of smaller ones they called me in to another room and discussed it, but they basically decided it wasn’t worth continuing and going through Egg Collection for 2 or 3 eggs that might not even be mature, when I have the reserves to do a lot better.

Next egg collection booked for August. Atleast it’s not too long to wait!


Todays scan showed that I have a few follicles coming on, an almost 18mm, a 17mm, 4 around the 13mm and 2 around 10mm… so they’ve decided to give me 2 more days of a higher dose and hopefully Egg Collection on Friday 22nd!


What are the chances that the previously unstimulated follicles answered to the higher dose over the weekend and have started to grow? What if no more follicles have grown and they call off the cycle? How long will I have to wait before I can try again? How will that affect my Access Fertility finance? So much stress!

Tracking Scan

Slightly downhearted from the last scan where there were only a few follicles growing, I had another scan today and found only 2 follicles on one side at 11 and 12mm and the rest haven’t even started growing yet. They have upped my Gonal-F to 200iu and the nurse said that egg collection would be pushed back to atleast the end of the week (It’s already pencilled in for Thursday so guess its Friday now, or the week after and I have to travel to a different clinic!)

Progress Scan

I started Gonal-F 100iu on 8th June alongside fragmin to offset the fact that Gonal-F can make your blood thicker.
Today was the first progress scan, and there were still 30-40 follicles on each side, but only 3-4 follicles starting to grow at 8-10mm. They asked the consultant and they upped my Gonal-F to 125iu, they don’t want to over stimulate and cause OHSS. Now just to wait and see if any others can start to grow and catch up.

Started my cetrotide today, first injection I have had to mix myself! Felt like a chemist! Managed to get the needle stuck in the cap and now the injection site stings! I don’t like this injection!

Baseline Scan

Ready and eager to start my first IVF cycle I was booked in for egg collection on 21 June. My drug order arrived on 22nd May in 2 massive boxes, one room temperature, one for the fridge. Suddenly it all felt real!
As I am not able to take the combined pill due to my antiphospholipid syndrome, I started my Northisterone on 23rd May and continued it on until 2nd June, with my baseline scan booked for 7th June. They found 25-30 follicles on each ovary, with slightly fewer on the left. The lining was still a little bit thicker than they’d like, but I only started bleeding 2 days ago and don’t start Gonal-F until tomorrow.


Asking the receptionist about cost had got me thinking about the Access Fertility leaflet I had been given but hadn’t really looked at, so I gave it another look and it started to seem more like a good idea. I had been pretty sure about IUI working first time, which it didn’t, then second time, again nothing, so what if IVF doesn’t?
Looking at the packages, the multicycle seemed like the best option, giving me the chance of 2 fresh IVF cycles and unlimited frozen. Something that if I was paying for individually I probably wouldn’t do a second fresh.

So the clinic didn’t get back to me, and I had to chase them up, but I almost wished I hadn’t because I nearly passed out at the cost!

She had split it into component parts : IVF, ICSI, Blastocyte culture and freezing. The last 3 are refundable if not needed/done. So the total to stump up on 7th was 5,800, about 1k more than I had expected (because I hadn’t even considered the need for ICSI)! Hopefully I will get the ICSI cost back as I shouldn’t need is as that is to do with sperm quality. But if I didn’t have bank of mum and dad with the best interest rates in town backing me I would have had a full on panic attack there and then about having to find another 1k in 6 days!

I asked if it was too late to use Access Fertility and she said no, but to get onto it ASAP!
Which I did!

I was concerned about the fact they had separate basic vs ICSI packages and didn’t know how that would work with probably not needing it, but the lady on the phone explained that I was better off getting the basic package, paying for ICSI seperately and then hopefully getting the refund. It actually works out no cheaper if I do need it by doing the ICSI package anyway. (well maybe like £200) So I (or rather mum and dad) stumped up £6,800 for a multicycle package. That takes the pressure off a bit if this cycle doesn’t work. If it does then we are 2k down. If it works after one frozen cycle then we are £500 down, any tries after that and we are in profit. But as mum said, we would kick ourselves less for that when theres a baby, than stumping up another 4k when there isn’t!

So that’s it! All paid up and ready to start!
Once I come to the end of my package and if it hasn’t worked then I will be out of sperm and tries and will have to stop. It seems like a good end point rather than ‘just one more try’ which I can ill afford. I’ll be paying this off for years to come as it is!!

Roll on 7th for my baseline scan (and stumping up a further 1k for the ICSI!)

Nurse Appointment

I wasn’t exactly sure what this appointment was for, as the consultant had explained everything pretty well in the initial appointment, but I had my virology bloods done (again), she told me how to mix the cetrotide (far scarier than the pens I’ve used up ’til now) and seemed surprised that I didn’t have more questions and was so relaxed!

I will be back for my baseline scan on 7th June after finishing my Norethisterone on 2nd (apparently I will probably still be bleeding, which is freaking me out!)

At the end of the appointment I asked when I had to pay up for IVF and how much I could expect it to be, we had been given a rough figure in the consultation but now needed to know how much to get ready. She said she would have to check and let me know how much, but that it needs to be paid in full on 7th with the baseline scan which is considered the first treatment of the cycle.

Expecting a Delivery

My drugs have arrived! All £800 worth!

Two massive boxes, one refrigerated, delivery man must have wondered what he was delivering!

They are now safely tucked in my fridge, among the yoghurts and fruit, and in my cupboard, ready for me to use in the next few weeks!

I start Norethisterone tomorrow until 2nd June, then baseline scan is on 7th!

  • An 'Angel Baby' is a baby lost during pregnancy or early childhood, who sleeps in the clouds instead of our arms.

    A 'Rainbow Baby' is a baby born following the loss of an 'Angel Baby', a beacon of hope after a storm, while not denying the storm happened.

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