Bump Photos

I’ve been sorting out and catching up on my blog and it seems I stopped putting up my ‘Bump Photos’ at 34 weeks so here are the rest of them. My last one (38 weeks) was the day I went in to be induced – Rainbow underwear for my Rainbow Baby.


25/07/14 38 Weeks


22/07/14 37 weeks 4 days


19/07/14 37 weeks 1 day


15/07/14 36 weeks 4 days


09/07/14 35 weeks 5 days


07/07/14 35 weeks 3 days


01/07/14 34 weeks 4 days


Bump Photos

I’m just plain big now so growth isn’t so obvious, however it is noticeable from the photos that I am still growing from week to week. Only 6 weeks to go now – phew. The stretch marks are getting uncomfortable and Jackson is obviously running out of room from the amount of times he kicks me in the ribs and sticks his bum out making my bump an incredibly¬†strange shape!

27/06/14 34 weeks

34 weeks


21/06/14 33 weeks 1 day

33 weeks 1 day


18/06/14 32 weeks 5 days

32 weeks 5 days


10/06/14 31 weeks 4 days

31 weeks 4 days

Bump Photos

31 weeks

29 weeks 6 days

28 weeks 3 days

Bump Photos

I’ve not put up a bump update for a while, but there has been some definite growth going on! I’ve gained coming on for 2 stone, and my mum now affectionately refers to me as ‘whale’

28 weeks


27 weeks 1 day


26 weeks 6 days


26 weeks 3 days


25 weeks 6 days

Bump Photos

Looking between these two images it appears my bump has changed shape – looking back through pictures it seems that it is regularly (yet more subtley) different shapes. I am assuming this is down to the position Jackson is in, though I could be wrong!

I’m getting more comments on the size of my bump, and strangers are asking my due date now, so I assume it is obvious that I am pregnant and not merely eaten a large meal!!

25 weeks 4 days


24 weeks 3 days

Bump Photos

I think that there is a definite increase between these two photos – the more recent one looking generally more rounded.

I weighed myself the other day and I have gained over a stone since the beginning of this pregnancy (2 stone if you go from my lowest weight that I reached at 10 weeks pregnant!) I’m not sure how much weight I should be gaining but I have a feeling baby shouldn’t have made me gain a stone so maybe I need to re-look at how much I need to be consuming!

I’m still loving my bump and am slowly moving to only wearing maternity clothes, jogging bottoms or jeans with a hair band extending the waist!

Jackson is really lively in the evenings, really perking up at bedtime, I love laying there feeling him playing around in my tummy.

23 weeks


22 weeks 2 days

Bump Photos

Growth has been slow and steady for a while now, no sudden spurts, but I’m getting more comments on the fact I’m properly showing in whatever I wear now.

I mentioned to my consultant the other week about how I was initially bruising quite a lot with each injection, but how it is really rare now, and she told me that my body is adapting, suppose that answers that then!

I’m still constantly amazed that there is a little human inside my slightly swollen tummy, though Jackson keeps reminding me he is there by kicking – lots!

21 weeks 4 days


21 weeks


20 weeks 4 days

Bump Photos

Over the last few days I have been able to see Shrimp kicking and my tummy moving, it is the most bizarre, yet amazing thing to see, to watch my belly moving of its own accord!

I haven’t noticed any major growth in my bump recently, but slow and steady. I’m making sure I moisturise¬†though to minimise any possible stretch marks!

19 weeks 5 days


18 weeks 5 days

Bump Photos

So for now, my body seems to have given up on the serious bruising, now I’m only getting little purple areas around some of the injections – I won’t pretend to know why, but I’m sure as hell not complaining! I haven’t changed how I’m doing them, I did move down my side a little bit to a slightly less fleshy area, maybe that’s why, but then again, maybe not!

I’m still trying to show off my bump in everything I’m wearing! I love it!

18 weeks 2 days


17 weeks 5 days

Bump Photos

The bruising is starting to fade, I don’t know why it goes through phases of bruising and not bruising, but I’m liking the not bruising phase!!

I’m so proud of my bump, and I’m wearing whatever shows it off at the moment!!

17 weeks 2 days


16 weeks 6 days

  • An 'Angel Baby' is a baby lost during pregnancy or early childhood, who sleeps in the clouds instead of our arms.

    A 'Rainbow Baby' is a baby born following the loss of an 'Angel Baby', a beacon of hope after a storm, while not denying the storm happened.

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