Blood Tests, Consultant Visits, Bounty Pack and Midwife

The last few months I’ve been feeling incredibly ill, spending a lot of my time in bed watching tv, I couldn’t even bring myself to do any craft or anything (up until a few days ago when I started kitting again), which is so unlike me, and I was only dragging myself out if I needed to, for doctors appointments and the like. I started feeling better a few weeks ago, but in the last few days my energy seems to have pinged right back up. I hadn’t worn makeup for months, up until yesterday, when I put on a faceful and I felt alive again! You honestly wouldn’t believe how just a little bit of makeup makes me look not like a zombie, and this gave me the confidence to go with my new found energy.

So every Monday at 9.00AM I’ve been going to have a blood test to make sure my thyroid levels are still heading in the right direction. I had my last one of these this morning, and the phlebotomists first comment was that I looked well and was glowing – ok so the glow was the makeup but my, did it make a difference. I have pretty much been skipping around today, it’s crazy, like I’ve gained the whole few months energy back!!

I went straight from the doctors where I had my blood test to the hospital where I had an appointment with my thyroid consultant at 10.30AM. Unsurprisingly her clinic was running 30minutes behind, sitting in the waiting room I wasn’t really concentrating on anything but suddenly in my tummy there was a tiny floopy feeling and as soon as I’d felt it, it was gone. I’d never felt anything like it before to describe it as, not sure if it was baby rolling over or what but I’ve occasionally felt similar over the last couple of days and wondered… I was eventually called and again she commented how well I was looking. I’m not sure if that was the fact I’ve gained a stone since I last saw her, had eaten a square meal in the last few days, the makeup or the massive grin on my face.
We talked about how I was doing and she said all my results were heading in the right direction, and we’re now round about normal. She is reducing my Propylthiouracil down from 4x 50mg tablets 2x a day (400mg a day) to 1x 50mg tablet 3x a day (150mg a day), with a plan to move me onto 10mg Carbimazole a day in 2 weeks as this is considered safe to use in the second trimester. She is loathed to leave me on Propylthiouracil as it is known to be detrimental to the liver (both mine and babies) if used for extended periods. I am having a blood test in two weeks, before I change onto Carbimazole and then one in another 2 weeks to see how the Carbimazole is working.
She also mentioned that I will need to have a close eye kept on my thyroid levels at both 24 weeks and 30 weeks as if my thyroid levels are high at these points, it is likely to affect baby’s thyroid and if baby gets an over active thyroid it can affect weight gain, which is obviously crucial for a growing baby. I am booked back in to see her in 7 weeks when I will be around 22 weeks pregnant so we can see how it is going and discuss what extra tests I may need in the next couple of weeks. She seemed really positive and with every consultant I see I am getting more hopeful that maybe, just maybe, everything will go well.

On the way back from the hospital we stopped off at Asda to pick up my bounty pack, and decided that while I was there I would have a quick look round the clothes for me. I stumbled into the baby clothes and instantly homing in on a gorgeous pink set I realised that as much as I was saying it was cute, I wasn’t imagining a baby in it, just that I liked it. Phew. I hadn’t broken my one rule of imagining the future. Back in the car I opened my bounty pack and found it contained some gorgeous little white booties that say cutie on. Same reaction of how adorable, but again not imagining my baby wearing them. Let’s hope I can keep this up!!

I had a midwife appointment on the 18th which I was really excited about, remembering that at my 15 week appointment last time I got to hear my babys heartbeat and just hoped it’d be the same this time. I turned up and was quickly called in. I went through a speedy roundup of what had happened in the last few weeks and eventually she asked if I’d like to try to hear babys heartbeat. I of course jumped at the opportunity but she warned me that its possible that its still too early to hear anything. Luckily almost as soon as she put the microphone on my stomach I heart a heartbeat that was too fast for mine and as she moved it around it got louder. She counted that babys heart was at 155bpm which is apparently good! I couldn’t stop smiling! Thankfully that’s another hurdle over.
Now to hope my 20 week scan is just as positive! Only a month to go, and counting.

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