Looming 20 week Scan and Seeing Movement

So as I am nearing my 20 week scan, I am filled with both fear and excitement.
It’s only 2 days to go until I get to see my little Shrimp on the screen again, until they give my little one a thorough inspection and potentially tell me something has gone wrong, or that something hasn’t developed properly, maybe that there is a clot forming, but hopefully that everything is perfect and whether I’m having a little girl or boy.
All these things are in the back of my mind, but also the fact that it might be the last time I see my little one moving around on the screen. I lost my little girl less than a week after they told me everything was perfect at my 20 week scan. What if history repeats itself. I’m not sure I could cope.

Straight after my 20 week scan I am having another meeting with my consultant, looking at my blood results to see how my Carbimazole is working and checking the growth measured from the scan to check baby is growing at the right speed. Hopefully everything will be developing ok and the meeting will be positive.

But keeping thinking positively, for the last couple of days I have been able to see Shrimp kicking me. It’s incredible seeing my stomach moving of its own accord! I’m only 19 weeks along, at 21 weeks last time I was only feeling slight movement, but to be feeling such defined movement is amazing. I have a proper little kicker in there! I need to start counting the kicks so I can notice any changes in movement.

You are looking to the right of my tummy, above my hip bone. There are 2 kicks in this short clip one at 00.02 and one at 00.06.
Sorry about the quality of the clip – everytime I turned flash on to get a clearer video Shrimp stopped kicking, clearly doesn’t like the light!

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