And Just When I Thought I Was Organised…

I’m having to return half of the items I’d bought leaving me quite unprepared again!
I wrote about everything I had ordered quite unexpectedly here and the order arrived a few days later. I finally decided to open the boxes to check for damage before returning time runs out and we noticed that the grey paint had chipped off of one corner of the cot bed. Deciding that if it chips that easily it will never survive four or more years in this house, I immediately rang them up and organised a collection and refund. Unfortunately as we bought it as part of a multibuy offer we had to return the whole lot. Fantastic. So now I am totally unprepared again! I have a crib, thankfully we checked that and it was undamaged, so I have a crib and a mattress. Technically I don’t need a cot until he can jump around in the crib, so I am not going to stress about it – I have a little while. Maybe I will wait until Babies R Us has another 20% off everything!
While looking at the cot I started having second thoughts about the buggy, driving my dad insane with my indecision! I love the look of it with the car seat on, but obviously for long walks he shouldn’t be sat in his car seat and to lie flat he would need to be facing away from me which means I cannot see him. I have placated myself by deciding that for the first few months I will not have time to go on long walks, and that by the time I do he will want to be looking around and therefore facing away from me.
We had decided to go shopping for little things and to finish off getting things for my hospital bag on Tuesday, but now that is when my order is being collected so that is all being pushed back! Nothing seems to be coming together very quickly at the moment!
Who knew all this would be so stressful!

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