All Change

So after a quick and decisive initial shopping spree for all the major purchases I needed to make for Jackson, infact the majority of it has gone back!
The cotbed was damaged, meaning that the rest of the multibuy offer had to be returned, and after a lot of deliberation about the pram I finally decided to take that back too.
The cotbed doesn’t bother me, I have a crib which will do for the first 6 months while he will be in my room, and so I have this time until I need a cotbed anyway. During which time I hope to find the perfect one for the right price. I shall not rush into buying another one.
The pram, however is a bit more urgent (only 52 days to go!!) I did my research this time, and have now ordered the Hauck Malibu in Tango/Caviar from Tesco. Hopefully it will live up to what I want it to, we are collecting it tomorrow so I shall let you know. The reason I had changed my mind about the previous pram was the lack of the option to have him lying flat facing me. The only way to have the baby lying flat was in the reclined pushchair section which I wasn’t sure was perfectly suitable for a newborn. The other reason was that if I was walking to my parents there would be nowhere for little man to sleep once I got there unless they had a crib at their house, wheras for daytime nap purposes, the separate carry cot can be used as a Moses basket. So all in all (as long as it lives up to my expectations) hopefully this new pram will fulfil all my needs, and the price doesn’t look too bad. The pushchair element looks more adaptable than the Graco Candy, and the wheels have suspension, promising a smoother ride – we shall see! Unfortunately it doesn’t come with, or even have the option of an in car base, however watching online videos it looks really easy to strap into the car each time so that will also be tested as I obviously don’t want to be faffing around for 20 minutes each time I need to put him in or out of the car!
So I am now excitedly awaiting tomorrow when I get to pick up and set up my new pram and have a fiddle and check it is going to do exactly what I think it is going to.

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