Getting Prepared for Jackson at Home

I’m feeling quite prepared now, even if little man arrived tomorrow I’m sure I have enough to cope – I know this is a bare minimums list, but more can be picked up as we go along as I work out what I am using.
Please let me know if you spot anything I have missed!

Hauck Malibu Travel System includes a carrycot, car seat and push chair along with changing bag and raincover


Bed – Night
Fitted crib sheets x2
Flat crib sheets cotton x2 jersey x2
Blankets – cellular x2 knitted x1 fleece x1
Gro Egg Room Thermometer
Still need to get a monitor – looking at Angelcare AC1100 (movement and video)


Bed – Day
Carrycot from Hauck Malibu Pram
Fitted pram sheets x2
Flat crib sheets cotton x2 jersey x2
Blankets – cellular x2 knitted x1 fleece x1

Clothing – Day
Bodysuits no sleeves and no legs newborn x3
Bodysuits short sleeves, no legs tiny baby x3 newborn x12 3-6 months x2
Bodysuits long sleeves, no legs newborn x3
Bodysuit short sleeves and legs newborn
Bodysuit long sleeves and legs 3-6 months
Sweatshirt 0-3 months
Tracksuit bottoms newborn x2
Cardigans hand knitted x2
Wool hats hand knitted x2
Cotton hat
Scratch mitts x3
Booties hand knitted x2 newborn x1
Socks x4

Clothing – Night
Sleepsuits long arms and legs with feet newborn x4
Sleeping bag he won’t be sleeping in this right away as it is quite thick for summer (2.5 tog) 0-6 months


Muslin Squares

Baby bath
Baby shampoo
Baby lotion
Baby moisturiser
Nail clippers and scissors
I am looking at getting a bath thermometer as I am terrible at judging temperature!

Changing Mat
Pampers Nappies size 1 size 2
I plan on using reusable nappies, however I think I’ll have enough to deal with for the first few weeks
Barrier cream
Nappy bags
Cotton wool
Baby wipes

Hand knitted “Bunny”
TY Beanie Pluffie Penguin
Cow and Gate Cow
I still need to get him a little ‘first’ toy that is small enough for him to hold
He will need a ‘tummy time’ mat

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