Hospital Bag

I wrote out my list ages ago as I had seen that lots of people had their hospital bags ready by 32 weeks and I was beginning to panic, so I worked out what I would need and then set about buying and searching out the things I thought I would need, this has been a rather long, drawn out process leaving my bag half packed for weeks!
I have always been an overpacker – I’d rather have too much and not use half of it than not have something I wish I had. This makes me quite hard to travel with as I always have far too many bags as is proportionate to the amount of time I am away! I can see this being even more of an issue here as I am packing for two of us and I don’t know for how long, how big either of us are going to be afterwards or what the weather is going to be like!!
I started by looking through other peoples hospital bag lists that they had helpfully put on their blogs, and making a list. Each one I read had something different on so slowly my list grew and grew! I then found some sites like Tesco and Babycentre had lists too so I took even more inspiration from there. Finally I thought I had a fairly comprehensive list so I took it around shopping with me!
I managed to pick up lots of the things I didn’t have at Tesco, eg breast pads and maternity pads. I then set about finding things around the house that still fit me and would be suitable. Eg. an old nightdress and button up fronted tops.

So here is the list I have (please tell me if you think of anything I haven’t got on my list!!)


Baby notes I shall stick a big note to my bag to remember these as obviously they can’t be packed until the last minute!
Car park change I need to check prices so I make sure I pack enough!
Phone charger
A list of phone numbers just incase I forget my charger and my phone dies
Puzzle book incase it is a long labour and me or my mum get bored!

Old nightdress for labour
Dressing gown thin as will be mid summer
Fluffy non slip socks
Loose comfy black knickers x5
Nursing bras I plumped for padded 36B from H&M as I am currently only just filling my 34A bras but they could be considered tight round the band
Pyjamas for after the birth button up top for breastfeeding
Loose fitting tops for going home possibly front opening for ease of breastfeeding
Loose fitting bottoms for going home


Maternity pads Tesco own brand. Thick old fashioned ones were recommended by the midwife to ensure they are changed often to minimise infection risk – unlike the modern thin ones that instantly suck all moisture away so you leave them longer
Breast pads
Nipple cream
Face wipes
Shower gel hopefully I get to have a shower after! – I have gone for a Simple one as I’m pretty sure I won’t want chemicals down there anytime soon after!
Hair bands
Makeup just a little bit so I hopefully look alive in some of the photos!
Contact lenses



Nappies In sizes 1 and 2 to cover all eventualities. I chose pampers as I am not sure what is good and what isn’t. I’m hoping to use reusable eventually but I will be starting off with disposable
Nappy bags
Nappy cream
Cotton wool balls
Muslin squares
Small ‘first’ toy

Baby grows x6 short armed and legless as it will be warm. In tiny baby and newborn sizes (3 of each)
Woollen Hats x2
Cotton hat
Scratch mitts
Going home outfit

Thankfully I have managed to get it all in one reasonable suitcase – packing is just like Tetris!

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