35 Week Midwife Visit

Leading up to my midwife appointment I was hopeful that I would get to see my actual midwife unlike lots of my other appointments where she has been ill or on holiday and I have had to see a different midwife. My midwife seems to understand takes time to listen and make sure that I get things.

Thankfully I did actually get to see my midwife and so I went in ready to ask my long list of questions that had arisen since my scan and first antenatal class.

She started normally, urine test and blood pressure were normal, and his heartrate was a good speed, she did tell me that she felt a lot of limbs at the front when she was feeling his position, I told her that a lot of the movement seemed to be limbs sticking out of my bump. She said that it felt like he was back to back or atleast his spine was further round the back than she would like. She suggested that I spend time on all fours or any position with my bump hanging down to enable gravity to pull him round and adjust his position. She told me that he would be more comfortable with more room to put his legs if he turned round, not to mention make birth easier.

I also asked her about the fact they had picked up on a mature placenta at my last scan. She told me that she read it as the placenta was as mature as the baby, however she also said she could see how it could mean that the placenta was more mature than the baby and therefore not working as effectively as it needed to be. As I am having another scan in two weeks she didn’t seem too concerned as anything concerning would be picked up and mentioned then, she did make a point to make sure I am keeping an extra close eye on movements and letting the midwives know if I notice any change in movement. I assured her I was definitely doing that already!

I had decided I would quite like a water birth, but wasn’t sure how this would be affected by being induced. She reassured me that if I was induced just so I didn’t go overdue that there should be no reason I couldn’t have a water birth, however, if I was induced due to problems with the placenta or anything then baby would need more monitoring and therefore a water birth wouldn’t be possible.

As I have really been struggling with moving around recently I mentioned that when I move or roll over, my hips make a deafening cracking noise. She told me this was just down to the ligaments relaxing, however I shouldn’t aggravate the situation, so if I roll over, roll both legs together not one and then the other as this adds a strain to joints.

Another thing that was concerning me was that I hadn’t heard from my health visitor yet. I had had a phonecall from the health visitor in my parents area where I had only just changed my address from to my new house, but my new house is apparently outside their area, so I was awaiting a call from one from my area. I mentioned this to my midwife and she told me she would chase it up, but not to worry if they didn’t get in contact, they would catch up with me after he is born.

She also mentioned that I have had a lot going on this pregnancy and that she was amazed that I didn’t complain more, that I just take it all in my stride. I replied to this simply that he was alive and I would do anything to keep him that way, that I have nothing to complain about.

I booked in for another appointment in a couple of weeks, we will see what questions are thrown up at my antenatal class tonight.

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