38 Week Scan

I wasn’t eagerly awaiting the scan today, I didn’t really think it would show us anything wrong or anything new – it hasn’t thus far so why would it now? I was wanting to see whether my ‘mature’ placenta was indeed anything to worry about or not, but what I was really looking forward to was seeing my consultant and getting a date booked in for induction.

We were called into the scan early – shock horror! She showed us his head and femur and abdomen with his tiny little tummy, she then measured his fluid and at our request checked the placenta, which she assured us was normal for this stage in pregnancy. The little white marks, though a sign of an ageing placenta shouldn’t affect it’s effectiveness. She also checked the blood flow through the cord which seemed very good. She tried to get a decent picture for us, but his head was so well engaged and facing the wrong way that she unfortunately didn’t manage to get one that was worth having. After she went away and plotted the measurements on my graph she reassured me that they were well within limits. His estimated weight is around 6lb 7 (or 9) oz.

After this we went back out to the waiting room to wait for the consultant who took forever, it must have been about an hour of just waiting! We were eventually called in by a lady I hadn’t met before, but she was quickly joined in the room by a maternal medicine consultant I had seen before. After they reassured me that they were happy with the scan measurements they quickly moved onto asking when I would like to be induced. Me and mum both at the same time, jokingly said tomorrow… Which both doctors jumped on, checked appointments and said it was possible. They reassured me that with my history and the complications it was perfectly acceptable to induce at 38 weeks, and asked if I would like an examination to help to make up my mind. I agreed that it was probably best to have all the facts so they proceeded with an internal examination and membrane sweep, in the hope that it would get the hormones started before I was induced. They didn’t warn me that a sweep hurt, she told me it would be a bit uncomfortable! I lay there feeling like she was jamming her whole hand into my womb, even Jackson didn’t seem to be enjoying himself (probably complaining he was being poked on the head) but it was soon over and she announced that I has a soft cervix and was about 1cm dilated which was perfect for induction sooner rather than later. I did specify that I don’t want to be in labour on my birthday (Wednesday) and they assured me that if I was induced tomorrow I will have had him by my birthday! This had us decided and we booked in, we are near enough ready, anything that isn’t ready can be and anything that can’t be isn’t needed straight away. Atleast this means I only have one night of getting excited/nervous/stressing instead of potentially 2 weeks!
They did mention pain relief and that with it being an induction which apparently hurts more? I will probably want an epidural – something I really don’t want so obviously being me I am going to try my hardest to avoid having it, I’m a strong person and the pain will be worth it! (Let’s see how that goes when I’m in labour!)
So after telling me to call the ward before I leave just to make sure they have a bed for me and to be at the hospital at 10am they sent me on my merry way with a massive grin plastered all over my face and a turmoil of emotions going on inside. I’m not sure if I feel guilty for forcing him to come out before he is ready himself, or guilty that I won’t get to experience getting to 40 weeks, but there is a definite niggle of guilt going on there somewhere, not that I regret deciding on tomorrow, once he is here, as I told my midwife, once he is in my arms I can breathe again. 9 months is a long time to hold your breath over an outcome so far out of your control.

Having read my notes since the appointment I have seen that my urine taken earlier in the day had traces of blood in – a trace of a show maybe? So maybe he wasn’t far off making his own way out.

Since the sweep I have noticed traces of blood when I wipe – according to a quick google search this isn’t unusual, and from the pain I experienced having it done, not surprising either! I’ve also been getting a dull lower back pain combined with slight pains at the base of my bump and my bump getting hard. I was having Braxton hicks at lunch time before my appointment. So maybe this is more of those, I suppose time will tell! Jackson is still wiggling away like crazy though so he is still ok, I just can’t wait to meet my little man now!

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