Pregnancy Is No Breeze

You watch celebrities going around with their perfect bumps, wearing heels up until their due date, taking amazing selfies, but my experience of pregnancy has been a little different to this!
Now you expect a bit of discomfort, people tell you about that. After all, you are growing a person, there is extra weight, extra mass and your body isn’t used to it, however, it is supposedly designed to cope with it – will someone please tell my body this!
When I last saw my midwife she commented on how I never complain about any of the things that have happened to me this pregnancy, that I take it all in my stride, asking questions about things but just accepting her answer, and my response was that if my little man was alive I had nothing to complain about. I still stand by this, but I thought I’d put together some of the things that have made this pregnancy less than enjoyable. (Maybe it will forewarn someone!)

My pregnancy wasn’t very glamorous from the off with terrible morning sickness which started at 6 weeks and had me throwing up up to 6 times a day. This was very draining and I ended up carrying a bowl round with me like a handbag. I went on medication from 10 weeks but even this didn’t completely stop the sickness. It reduced it dramatically, but eating too much, the wrong food, or too much movement and it didn’t matter what medication I had taken, it was all coming up again. It’s hard to tell exactly when morning sickness faded, I noticed I was feeling better at about 17ish weeks but obviously with some of the symptoms being masked by medication I’m not sure exactly when I felt better and I can’t remember when I finally came off the medication after a few false starts where I felt ok until I tried to stop taking the tablets.
At the same time as my morning sickness, pregnancy caused my over active thyroid to come back, this is apparently relatively common as pregnancy suppresses your antibodies. That led to shaking, overheating and generally feeling unwell. I lost over a stone in weight (great at any other time in life!) but almost as soon as I got on medication for that it was under control. I continued taking medication into the third trimester, and have been warned it will probably return about three months after giving birth. (Great for losing post baby weight, but not so great as it may affect if I can breastfeed)
While I’m talking about things I am medicated for I should probably mention my daily injections. I haven’t mentioned them on my blog recently – they are now just something that I do daily, however, my sides look like I am a pin cushion, or occasionally, when I bruise, like I’m being abused, and sometimes those bruises are serious, big purple blotches, that you would never believe came from one tiny needle (No wearing a bikini when you have a shiner taking over your side!) Now this isn’t something you imagine having to do when you’re pregnant, and in most cases it’s not, but if you do have to do it, be warned that it definitely takes some getting used to and isn’t exactly practical when you have to inject while you are out – a quick trip to the loos and the hope you don’t look like a druggie and get stopped because lo and behold you do, have a needle in your bag!

So now I move on to pregnancy niggles that aren’t quite so specialised to me, and really there is no medication for. Let’s start with the haemeroids! Too much information I know. They aren’t fun and seem to be growing with each trimester! I try to keep a good diet, but nothing seems to help. Since I started taking iron supplements which have messed with my digestive system some what, they have worsened dramatically! I am just hoping they disappear after pregnancy and they aren’t something I am lumbered with forever!
My back also started aching quite early on. To start with it was just when I was on my feet for a long time. Walking round the city became a huge chore, but I quickly recovered after each trip. This has now become a lot more difficult. I waddle, therefore long city trips are out of the question, and my hips get stiff and sore if I sit still for too long. That is nothing compared to being in bed. I sleep on my left side – as recommended, with a pillow between my legs to try and keep my pelvis aligned, rolling to my right side when my left side becomes agony (imagine weak jointed hips all crushing down) but I have never in my life had to deep breathe through rolling over in bed. The pain is unbelievable! Last night my hips made such an almighty crack I could have sworn I had broken my pelvis! When I get out of bed in the morning I have to sit up first to let my hips straighten and settle out and then get up, but even then I waddle like a constipated penguin. I feel really decrepit!
And now I come to the stretchmarks. This is something you are always told about pregnancy, but never realise how they will affect you until you have them! I started moisturise my tummy at about 24 weeks, but I got disillusioned when no stretchmarks appeared and I thought I was safe, so. I only moisturised occasionally. At about 30 weeks I noticed some starting to appear and slapped on the moisturiser every day religiously. Something I am still doing at 37 weeks, however it doesn’t seem to be doing much. My stretchmarks have come and are now covering the entire lower half of my stomach and are creeping up round the sides of my belly button, so in the next 3 weeks who knows how marked I’ll be. I always assumed they were ugly, that’s a given, but that that was it. No. They hurt. They are always dry and slathering them in mosturiser doesn’t really help with the pain, they just soak it straight up. Imagine – They are like fresh scar tissue, really thin skin that has been stretched really tight. Now I know they will fade, and as soon as he is out my tummy skin won’t be so stretched so they won’t hurt so much, but right now, they are just another thing on my list of things that are incredibly un glamourous about pregnancy!

Don’t get me wrong, this blog post isn’t about me complaining, I know full well that my little man will completely be worth EVERYTHING he has put me through and more, but these were things that I, naively probably, didn’t realise would affect me as much as they have. I expected pregnancy to be difficult, yes, but not to the extreme that I have found it to be.

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