I approached weaning at 6 months with excitement and enthusiasm, planning meals for him and buying in lots of random, fresh ingredients, but in the last 3 months that excitement has faded and now gone.

It started positively trying babyled weaning, finger foods and an entire range of food, from carrot to avocado to brioche. But I slowly realised that he was barely eating anything, not having got the hang of swallowing, just mushing it up and throwing it on the floor.

I then tried spoon feeding him which again started positively, but he soon got fed up of that and started refusing food. I varied the range of food I was feeding him making more purées and porridges but he would just clamp his mouth shut and turn his head refusing food, I was still offering him some finger foods and it seemed that after the first few days of spoon feeding that he had got the hang of swallowing so was actually getting something from his finger foods.

This placated me for a couple of months, I kept up with finger foods, though not quite the variety of those first few weeks, but I started to notice that the amount I was giving him wasn’t increasing, and he still wasn’t eating much of what he was given. I then started making the purées again he started off eating whole pots of them but quickly lost interest again. At this point I was dispairing, making new meals for him each day to only have them refused.

I didn’t know what to do to get more food into him, so my mum tried to feed him and HE ATE THE WHOLE BOWL! I tried the same food the next day and he refused again! Mum tried and he ate it – what was going on?! She fed him for the next couple of days, and I was considering hiring my mum as official baby feeder, when I tried him the next day he opened his mouth and ate for me!

This has continued for the last few days, he seems to eat 1/2-whole weetabix for breakfast then a pot of purée with baby rice for lunch and some kind of mash for tea. Now I’ve said this he is going to stop, I can just tell, but if it continues I can see my enthusiasm for weaning coming back again as I just love to see him enjoy his food!

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