A Pot Noodle Family

I’m a single mum of a gorgeous boy and I own my own house, and I have a part time job that pays the bills. We are a premade family waiting for someone to come along and sweep me off my feet, but not only that, someone who will love my son as much as I do, who will fit into the life we have built together.

Of course, if I had to live with what I have and nothing else for the rest of my life I would be more than happy. I am so lucky with what I have, but isn’t it human nature to always want more? To have someone to love you is just natural though, isn’t it?

But who wants a pot noodle family? Just add a man? Who wants to take on the baggage of an exhausted single mum and someone else’s son? Someone else who is still around and who will continue to be part of their sons life (don’t for one second think I’m complaining, I know Jackson needs his dad) but doesn’t that just add to the complication of dating? Your ex coming round once a week or so to see his son? 

I know the modern world sees things differently and families come in all shapes and sizes, but there are so many single girls my age without the stretch marks, the emotional baggage of losing a baby, the toddler running round their ankles and the ex still in the picture, that surely I don’t stand a chance! Put in their position I probably wouldn’t be able to date a man with a child, and I don’t know why, but I’d totally understand any rejection of me because of my son.

So this is why I am terrified to take that plunge back into dating, I don’t want to be rejected, but that’s all I can see happening. Who would want me, us? As gorgeous as my son is, wouldn’t it be easier for them to go and start their own family rather than joining mine, as ready-made as we are?! 

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  1. Wish I could say I’ve been in your shoes and I know it will all come together. I can’t, but I believe in love and friendship. I have to believe someone is there who will fit right into your life seamlessly. I want to believe.
    Hugs to you


  2. Michelle Pepper

     /  Sunday 11th September 2016

    Well I hope you did start dating again. I had the same mindset as you as a mum of three but you’d be amazed. I’ve found my Mr Perfect who was more than happy to take on our pot noodle family dog and all. I hope you found yours too xxx


    • Sorry for the late reply – I’m terrible at keeping up with this blog (6 months terrible apparently!!) I still haven’t found my mr perfect but I’m sure he’s out there somewhere! Thanks for the positive comment, I still have hope! X



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