Decisions and Maths and Money

So the clinic emailed back and the prices were higher than I expected from their website.

I discounted it, 3 tries and I’d be broke for a year.

I looked around. The clinic is 15 miles from my house, the next closest is about 70.

They were cheaper. About a grand cheaper when worked out over 3 tries.

But treatment involved scans every other day for 2 weeks. 8+ trips of 70 miles each way per try.

Days out, lots of driving, not to mention the petrol cost.


Not whats needed when trying to be as fertile as possible.

Back to the first clinic.

As long as I can let go of the dream after 3 tries if it doesn’t work.

A quick whizz at stats online and if it’s going to work it will work within 6 tries but really within 3-4.

My friends have always joked I’m the most fertile girl around. Only took two months with both my babies.

So fingers crossed it works after one try and I can enjoy pregnancy without worrying about the debt.

Guess I now need to send my second email, asking more questions and making sure I really want to go ahead with this.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind at the moment.

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