Consultant Appointment

So, honestly, I was dreading this appointment. Essentially the consultant has the power to say no, based on meeting me, my history, my fertility blood test results etc. he could shoot this whole plan down in flames.
But he didn’t!
Infact, he told me I seem like a very good candidate fertility wise and that I seem like a knowledgeable and sensible person!
He did seem a little concerned by my history, the miscarriage and antiphospholipid syndrome, not a massive concern, but as IUI is quite uninvasive but with fertility drugs involved, there is a higher chance of a multiple pregnancy and he didn’t know offhand how antiphospholipid syndrome reacts to multiples – multiple amounts of hormones etc. however he said that as long as we assess the risks and do our research he is happy to continue down this route.
He suggested maybe a HyCoSy (checking my tubes are not blocked) however with two natural pregnancies and births under my belt he wasn’t overly concerned and didn’t push it.
He briefly mentioned IVF but agreed that as it is more invasive to start with IUI was as likely to work for me as anyone.

So here we are, I have to do a session of councelling to check my mental state and talk me through the donor sperm legalities etc and if she gives me the go ahead then off we go!

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