All Done!

I was told to arrive half an hour early for my 1pm appointment with a full bladder.
They were running about half an hour late.
I nearly exploded!
We were taken down with another couple and shown into a little cubicle.
I pointed out I really needed a wee and she told me that if I was uncomfortable to let a little out.
How do you calculate a little?
How do you stop peeing when you are THAT desperate?!
I counted to 10 and was slightly more comfortable!
She told me to strip from the waist and to put on a fetching blue gown with no bottom!
I was led down to the theatre and sat in one of the very undignified chair.
The consultant checked I was me and that the sample had my name on it!
He insterted the cathether through my cervix and I could watch it all on the screen as the nurse was doing an external scan at the same time.
I saw the sperm going in as a white cloud and he assured me they were all heading the right way.
It was all over and I was led back to my cubicle to get dressed.
I was given progesterone pessaries to take 2x a day until I take a test in two weeks and if it is positive then I continue to take them ’til 12 weeks.

Test on 7th December.

Everything crossed!


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