Panic stations!
Well. A little bit of spotting.
I had the same level, infact, a bit more, during my two week wait, which stopped as quickly as it arrived.
So maybe there is no need to panic…
Or maybe there is?
This has lasted a bit longer, but is less.
I never spotted at all with my first two…
I did have a massive bleed at 10 weeks with Effy-Mae, which she survived, but they believe was caused by a clot which eventually killed her.
The reason I am now on fragmin in any future pregnancies.
I have been reassured by the twitter community that spotting is normal,
moreso with IVF pregnancies due to all the hormones, and progesterone pessaries apparently don’t help.
I hope this will stop soon and I can relax again, but I don’t think the worry will ever go.

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