Gender Scan

Today I had my 16 week private gender scan!
I get 4 weekly scans from my consultant from 20 weeks, however that left an 8 week gap between the 12 and 20 week scans so I decided to book my own, just to check in, to see if we could find out the gender, and also, as my NHS hospital doesn’t allow children into the scan rooms, this would be my sons only opportunity to see the babies moving on a scan. I was allowed 5 people in the scan room, and by happy coincidence my two best friends weren’t at work and therefore able to come! Which I loved, 5 of the most important people in these babies lives in the room to see them.
She called us all into the scan room and started by checking they both had heartbeats, which, despite having heard them both the day before it turned out I was still nervous about not hearing! But they were both there.

She was mildly confused by the scan report from my 12 week scan which said I had one anterior and one posterior placenta as she said they were both posterior (sometimes they can move as the uterus grows) so I should be able to feel lots of movement (I haven’t felt any yet which is starting to worry me a little as  I started feeling something with my son by 15 weeks)
She moved round both babies and saw all their little details, pointing things out as she went. Jackson was excited about seeing the babies moving. She said they were laying one on top of the other ‘bunkbeds’ as she called it, opposite ways round, head to bottom.
She managed to see that twin one was a boy immediately, however, twin two was sat on their brothers head and therefore it was difficult to see the important bits! She got me to go empty my bladder and have a jump around. This managed to move them just enough and she confirmed that the nub theory was correct and I was indeed adding two more boys to my family.


Walking out of the scan my mum turned to me and said ‘atleast you have one of your boy names sorted’ Which is true, I have had a second boy name decided since I had Jackson, but all of a sudden it didn’t seem right and I was doubting even that name!
Back to the drawing board.

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