A lot of thought and scrolling through endless lists of names has gone into choosing names for these little boys.
I had initially, for years, thought another boy would be called Jacob Kai, but as soon as I found out I was having two boys it didn’t sit right.
I thought maybe Jacob and Tyler, but Tyler was shouted down by everyone I mentioned it to! It didn’t put me off the name entirely, but it did throw doubt on it.
Mason had been on my shortlist for years, so Jacob and Mason was bandied about and I liked that it took parts of my sons name (Jackson) So Jacob and Mason. But it was pointed out that Mason might feel left out being the only one without a J name.
I fairly quickly settled on Stanley as a middle name as it is a name that is in both my mum and dads family.
Finley was a bit of a random one really, but when I was thinking Jacob and Mason I put it as a middle name along with Stanley and fell in love with it, and how well it goes with Mason, so I swapped the order.

And here we are. My two boys.
Finley Jacob and Mason Stanley.


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