I have never been patient.
With both my previous tries I have tested regularly. (IUI 1) (IUI 2)
It was suggested (by friends not clinic) with my IUIs that I test early to watch the trigger line fade out and then another line either fade in or not so I would know that if I tested later it wasn’t still a trigger line.
I did this, but never even got to see a trigger line.
A second line never appeared.
But I preferred this.
With each test with no line there was always the glimmer of hope it was still early.
With each test the hope faded, until official test day I was resigned to it.
I think if I waited until official test day, (especially with the progesterone mimicking pregnancy symptoms) I’d be so crushed by a one single negative.
But this is different for everyone.
I know some people find negatives more painful than others, so seeing them daily might be too much.

So this time I am testing daily again. I have stocked up on poundland 3 for £1 strip tests.
I am prepared.
I am prepared for this to be negative again.
Come on two week wait, I’m not going to wait!


Embryo Transfer

The actual transfer itself was no different to my IUIs, I was told to arrive with a full bladder, and thankfully only had to remove my bottom half clothes under my sexy blue gown. I was taken into the same room yet again and after all the checks to make sure I was who I said I was, and that the embryos labels matched mine, he inserted the catheter and guided by an external scan he placed the embryos towards the thickest part of the lining. The catheter was then removed and taken to be checked that none were left inside as they aren’t visible on the scan or by the naked eye! Once we got the all clear the catheter was empty I was sent back to get dressed, given 2 pregnancy tests and sent on my way for the nailbiting two week wait!


I had another scan on 31 December just to check the lining was on track and she seemed shocked that I still had another week until transfer! She didn’t say anything, but I assume lining was looking ready!
Last Buserelin injection tomorrow – THANK GOD! I hate the stuff! It has completely changed me, spaced me out, made me blah! Everyone at work was asking me what was wrong and I was like ‘nothing why is everyone asking?’ Then I worked it out! Its effects reduced a bit when my dose went down but I cannot wait to come off it completely!


This FET cycle seems to be a lot longer and more drawn out than the IVF ones!
I started Norethisterone on 24 November, this was joined by a daily injection of Buserelin on 4 December. I stopped Norethisterone on 10 December and will continue Biserelin right up until 1 January, joined by Progynova starting today in ever increasing amounts!

My baseline scan was fine, everything is on track and she says its rare for things to go off track on a FET, aslong as the lining thickens, so all organised for 7 January – luckily the first day of a week off work for me so I can put my feet up and chill and think sticky thoughts!

FET Consultation

I had a consultant appointment to discuss my Frozen Embryo Transfer. I have got to email the clinic on day 1 of my next cycle, then I will start Norethisterone and Buserelin 7-10 days before the next bleed and then FET that cycle. Day 1 is due tomorrow and she wasn’t sure they’d fit me in this round, but she said to email the nurses to check, but I am probably looking at January.

So my cycle day 1 was Saturday 20th and I emailed them to let them know, got an email from the clinic today and they have no spaces left in December so have pencilled me in for January, now my question here is they knew this was my next step as soon as I had my Egg Collection, so why wasn’t I pencilled in there and then for December? I’m so pissed off, everything just seems to get delayed for no actual medical reason!

Fertilisation and Blastocyst

The day after Egg Collection I had my feet up and was awaiting the phonecall from the clinic to see how many had fertilised.
They had to do ICSI instead of IVF because it turns out the expensive sperm I bought online weren’t very good swimmers! Typical! So that’s another £1100 spent, but worth it to ensure something happened and we didn’t get a phone call this morning to say that none fertilised and all the eggs are now wasted!
Then I had to wait to see how many made it to day 5 and blastocyst stage.
I now have 16 embryos in the freezer awaiting my Frozen Embryo Transfer.

Egg Collection

So today I went in for Egg Collection. Due to the sedation I wasn’t allowed to drive as I have to all my other appointments, and with mum not being confident driving that distance, dad was forced into being my driver for the day!
I wasn’t allowed to eat from the night before, and only water to drink in the morning til a few hours before.
We arrived half an hour early and as instructed took my diazepam and paracetamol with a sip of water. Then we waited.
I was eventually taken down and changed into a blue robe. It was SEETHROUGH! My poor dad!
He wasn’t allowed to accompany me in for the actual procedure, so I was taken down the corridor and into the same room I had been in for my IUIs.
I was given some kind of sedation in my cannula and my eyes started flicking uncontrollably, but that was the only effect I noticed and that soon settled.The procedure itself took quite a while because there were SO MANY follicles to go into, but she managed to get both sides and just kept going because I wasn’t complaining! Honestly, it hurt, but nothing unbearable, like a sharp scratch each time she went into another follicle.
Once she was happy she had cleared me out we waited to find out how many we had got. 37. Everyones mouths dropped open and I’m now one of the producers of the highest number of eggs at that clinic!
With such a high number there’s no choice in it, it is a freeze all cycle. She seemed to suggest that I don’t need to wait so long before Frozen Embryo Transfer though so maybe November/December instead of the January one I expected.

Tracking Scan

I had my second tracking scan today and the nurse measured 37 follicles that had started growing… she reckons about 15-20 are over 15mm, which is PLENTY, so I’m triggering tonight for egg collection 10.30 Wednesday morning, whereas it was initially scheduled for Friday!!
I got given a different trigger (buserelin instead of Ovitrelle) to reduce the chance of developing OHSS. It’s all feeling real now!

Tracking Scan

Today was day 8 of stims and at my first tracking scan I had 2 17mm follicles and the rest sat around 13-4mm! There were over 10 each side – it looked completely different to last cycle and 100% more positive!
She’s said she’d be amazed if I didn’t get OHSS with those numbers of follicles being stimulated, and that we are probably looking at a freeze-all cycle. I would then need 2 clear cycles before putting them back so looking at January for a Frozen Embryo Transfer.

Baseline Scan

Started Northisterone on 17th August, finished on 27th and my period arrived this morning about 2 hours before my baseline scan! She better get the puppy pads out so I don’t make a mess of her chair! The lining was still quite thick as my period had only just started, but again, as with cycle 1, there were about 20-30 follicles each side. The nurse needs to double check Gonal-F starting dose before I start tomorrow.

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