This time I had very few questions for my midwife, it’s funny how some weeks you have loads and some weeks everything seems very under control and you don’t have many, my only question really was whether he had turned round or if he was still back to back.
She started by testing my wee and doing my blood pressure, both were fine, then she got me up on the bed to check my bump. She measured it at 37cm which was only a cm growth from last time – just under two weeks ago, but bump has dropped and it still plots on the top line of my graph so she wasn’t too worried especially as I have a scan booked for Thursday anyway. She then felt around and said that it felt like his back was up one side and no longer round the back which is a much better position! She also felt around his head (pushing it into my bladder!) and told me that it was engaged! Things are moving in the right direction!
I don’t have another appointment with her until 5th August now, but she did say that depending on what they say on Thursday regarding induction I can ring and change that. She mentioned that I could get her to do a membrane sweep if I am going to be induced (but the consultants have to write this in my notes because she can’t do it before 40weeks without permission) which releases hormones and can start labour – this is good in induced labour as your body is forced into labour and isn’t necessarily ready with all the natural hormones.
She laughed about how from the back I still don’t look pregnant, because my entire bump is straight out the front, she also said that my stretchmarks only look bad because they are small and close together meaning the overall look is pink, but that once they fade they’ll be almost unnoticeable, so fingers crossed!

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