Only the Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents

I love this quote because it’s so very true.
My parents are amazing and as I expected are making fantastic grandparents.
Since I was little I always wanted to have my children young for two reasons.
1) My parents were older when they had me (there’s a 12 year age gap between me and my older brothers) so they were always older than the other parents in the playground and I wanted my children to have the ‘cool younger mum’ – though times have changed and I am by no means young by today’s standards!
2) I wanted my children to know their grandparents. I barely knew mine, one died before I was born and the last one when I was 6. I’ve always felt I missed a special relationship there and I wanted my children to have this, and the flipside to this, and I think my main driving reason was I wanted my parents to be grandparents and to see their grandchildren grow up.
Although I have older brothers, neither have had children yet so with Jackson being the first grandchild that they have got to spend time with (Effy-Mae will always be the firstborn) he is being very well spoilt – both affection and toy wise!
I am so proud that I got to give my parents this experience, I love watching the special bond develop between grandparents and grandson and hopefully they will get to become grandparents many more times over in the near future as they definitely deserve it.

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