Don’t Tell Me How To Parent My Son

Don’t tell me how my son should sleep, or eat, or cry! Even if you’ve had children yourself, just don’t!
Times change, my parenting style is different to yours (firmly in the attachment parenting group here (accidentally but happily)) and each child is different.
If you don’t have children, definitely don’t tell me how to parent!
I’m not unhappy with how we are at the moment, and if I was then I’d ask for help.
We co-sleep. Happily. I try him in his cot occasionally, but he doesn’t like it and wakes up and crys and I’m not going to force the issue because I like having him in with me. I like waking up and checking he’s ok and that if he crys because he’s teething or hungry or just sad then I am right there. He will sleep in his cot eventually. I’m sure when he’s a bit older we won’t like it so much and he will be able to sleep without me, but that’s ok. That time will come, in its own time. No. In HIS own time.
I’m currently weaning him and am doing a mix of purées and Baby Led Weaning and we are going with that! He’s getting some food down himself, playing with the rest and the best thing of all, enjoying it. I don’t mind that he’s not shovelling down bowl after bowl of mushy puréed peas, he’s not even 7 months so I’m happy with what we have achieved!
I am definitely not going to leave my son to cry. No. Never. (Well maybe 10mins when I’m on the loo, but nature calls and all that!) but not intentionally. I’m not going to leave him crying to settle and go back in occasionally. Stop suggesting it. Yes, maybe our parents did it, but they also let us lick lead paint and let us play outside alone. Times change.

I’m not worried about how my son is growing up. He’s happy, hes active (he’s crawling – goodness me he is the first of the babies I know to be doing that.) He will sleep in his own bed and eat food properly with a knife and fork when he is good and ready and you nagging me doesn’t help that, doesn’t speed that along, it just irritates me. I know what I’m doing and how to achieve what I want (or at least head in the direction I want) I don’t have plans, he wouldn’t stick to them anyway. I’m being led by him, what he wants and needs and I couldn’t be happier with how we are doing.

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