99% of the photos taken of Jackson have been taken on my phone. Does this matter?

No, not to me.

I charged up my camera before he was born, but he was 4 weeks old before I even remembered to use it. It comes as second nature to me to use my phone – it’s never far from my hand and is so quick to use I can capture little moments that would otherwise be lost if I had to go and hunt down and turn on my camera. Honestly though I think my phone camera is as good if not better than my actual camera!

In Jacksons 8 months I have taken a staggering amount of photos. I filled my phone in 2 months and had to download them! I have captured so many images that I’ll never get a chance to capture again. Unlike previous generations with film cameras we can snap and snap to get that perfect shot and not just shoot and hope.

I have taken some photos that I am incredibly proud of. Photos that capture Jackson at his quietest, happiest, naughtiest, messiest moments, moments that cannot be recreated in a studio, but am I a photographer? No!

20140904_0906482 20140818_213151 IMG_0065IMG_4367 IMG_0587 IMG_3533

I have so far taken Jackson for two shoots with a professional photographer, once at 4 weeks old and once at 8 months. I am planning a future shoot at a year old and then atleast once a year until he’s 18 (and maybe more) these photos are so different to those that I am able to capture, they’re in a totally different league! They are a bit more staged but they capture a different side of him.

Photo By Simon Watson Photography Photo By Simon Watson Photography

I feel that by having fairly regular photo shoots with him and capturing every single thing with my phone camera I am capturing as much as possible of his life. Barely a day goes by that I don’t take a photo and I am periodically printing out a selection of these to put in an album.

I really love looking back at these old photos and remembering when they were taken and marvelling at just how small he once was. I also cannot wait to have some professional photos up on my walls, all I need to do is choose some frames!

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