Photos I WISH I Could Capture

I often wish I could have a photographer follow me around constantly for days just to capture a prize few shots – there are a few moments that happen that I think ‘I’d love to have this photo.’

It’s now becoming common to take photos of a groom when he first sees his bride enter the church to capture the look on his face, well I want someone to capture my face when I see Jackson for the first time in a little while and he’s asleep (eg. when I’ve been driving). Not when he’s awake because that’s an exaggerated, big smile, for a reaction from him, but when he’s asleep it creeps onto my face because I’m so happy to see his face. In that moment I am feeling pure happiness and love, so that look has to be pretty special, right? But it’s fleeting, maybe a second, so capturing it would be nigh on impossible. Shame.

Similarly, his face when he wakes up from a nap in my arms and sees me. He always looks so pleased, but not in a beaming smile way, in a quietly contented ‘I couldn’t be happier anywhere else’ way.

Again, my face, but when he’s giggling, (with him giggling in the background of the photo too would be amazing!) Because my face breaks into an uncontrollable smile. I catch myself doing it again and again and I love it! Even if I’m busy doing something and I hear him giggling in another room I beam away to myself, the sound is like magic!

The moment when I throw him into the air and he leaves my hands for a split second. I would never dare stage this, besides I don’t have a fast enough camera, but I would love to see the looks on both of our faces, mine, worried and concentrating, his, pure glee!

This ones rather sadder, but the look on Jacksons face when I’ve gone out of sight round a corner. His face fills with concern and he cranes his head as far round to see if he can see me. It wouldn’t be a happy photo, but it would show our relationship – each being lost without the other. (either that or it’d look like he was playing peekaboo!)

You’ll notice that most of these are looks on either of our faces because actions I can easily capture, maybe even stage, but it’s the subconscious almost reflex reactions that are harder for me to capture. (Maybe I should attach a go pro to mine and Jacksons head!)

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