12 Week Scan

Today I had my 12 week scan, and I was so nervous. Apart from the morning sickness I had had no other clue that my babies were still ok since the 8 week scan. I sat in the waiting room unable to imagine past laying on the table and checking they were both ok.
The sonographer called us in and the first thing she said was ‘So you’ve got twins in there’ and being the negative nancy I was feeling that day I replied ‘Well I did at 8 weeks!’ and I think she understood that I wouldn’t relax until I saw them again so I lay down, and was holding my breath waiting to hear what she could see. TWO HEARTBEATS. They had both held on!
The scan was amazing and so clear. I have one on the left of my stomach and one on the right, with one anterior and one posterior placenta.
I got to see their tiny hands and feet wiggling around and how they were laying. It was amazing and made it all feel so much more real.
The left twin is minimally larger than the right one but both are totally on track for a 22nd September due date.


She struggled a bit to get the measurements for the Nuchal Translucency test, but she did manage in the end. One twin had a slightly larger measurement than the other, but all I can do now is wait for the letter in  the post with the results.

EDIT: The results came back extremely low risk for both (though one was 10,000 less likely than the other, with no indication as to which was which!)

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